Our Mission

Bluestockings seeks to empower all people to challenge oppression and participate in creating a society which is equitable, cooperative, and free by:

  • Distributing literature and resources about oppression, intersectionality, community organizing, and activism, and by sharing the stories of marginalized people
  • Maintaining a space in New York City for dialogue, education, and reflection where all people are respected; and
  • Building connections, knowledge, and skills in our communities

Bluestockings seeks to embody and share the principles of intersectional, trans-affirming, gender nonconforming, and sex-worker affirming feminisms and support liberatory social movements. Bluestockings strives to empower our volunteer workers through non-hierarchy, cooperation, and collective-based decision making, providing an example of the society we are working toward.

Bluestockings’ Safer Space Policy can be found here.