Our Structure

Bluestockings is a collectively-owned and volunteer-powered project. We strive to be a truly non-hierarchical organization and have a variety of roles falling along a spectrum of time commitment and responsibility.

Volunteers: Volunteering is the gateway to all things Bluestockings. During their weekly three-hour shift, volunteers help run the store, from serving coffee and café goods, to ringing people up for purchases, receiving books, setting up for events, or talking about that book you just read that was the best ever. Volunteers also come together for a fun social activity every 2-3 months as a way to provide a supportive community to one another. There are approximately 60-90 volunteers involved in the store at any given time.

Staffers: Staffers are volunteers who have been with the store for a bit and have interest in taking on a larger role with the project.  Staffers typically work a 6-8 hour shift once a week, leading a team of volunteers to help customers, maintain the space and work on assorted projects.  Staffers and collective members meet monthly to discuss operational updates, projects, and generate new ideas and goals for the project. Staffers all come from our pool of volunteers and we usually have approximately 6-10 staffers on shift each week.

The collective: The collective is comprised of a group of passionate individuals who volunteer to bottom-line the store together. Collective members are each responsible for staffing the shop and individual project work, coordinating project teams, co-learning/co-teaching with volunteers and staffers, doing outreach and community building.  Commitments and responsibilities vary with each collective member’s needs and outside responsibilities, ranging from 10-40 hours per week spent in the store and working remotely. The collective meets every week to discuss daily operations, project areas and updates, problem solving, future visioning and setting goals for the space. Collective members all come from our pool of staffers/volunteers. For more on how our collective works, see our Collective Agreement.

Special Projects: Some volunteers want to contribute to the store in addition to or in lieu of the traditional weekly shift. These volunteers assist with or manage specific projects, like researching new books to order, managing our zines, or doing outreach and promotions for our events.

If you are interested in getting involved at Bluestockings, please visit our volunteer page for application information.