Comics Fest

It is with a heavy heart that we make the decision to delay the Bluestockings Queer and Trans Comics Festival for the foreseeable future. With all of the uncertainty surrounding the current pandemic and us feeling physically or emotionally uncomfortable having a large-scale gathering until a vaccine is created, we are choosing to hold off on rescheduling with a specific date or time, as attempting to predict when our conditions will improve feels both irresponsible and misleading for everyone involved. A sincere thank you to everyone who has been patient with us as we try to make sense of everything that’s been going on in the world and how we can best move forward in a way that supports everyone involved in this project. 

Although we can’t have a physical fest, we are in the process of planning virtual events to help support the amazing writers and artists we had originally planned on hosting to help support marginalized creators in this incredibly difficult time. We’ll be putting out a list of our intended artist lineup as well as folks we had originally not had space for in the very near future in an attempt to signal boost everyone’s work and drive sales up for queer and trans artists, we hope that you can join us in supporting all these amazing folks. 

And of course, if you have the means to support Bluestockings itself, the queer, trans and sex worker-run institution that originally made all of this possible, we would certainly appreciate it. While our physical space is closed, you can still purchase books directly from us on our webstore, become a member of the space or buy a gift card for yourself or a friend. All of this goes a long way to making sure that we’ll be able to reopen again when conditions permit and that we can serve our larger marginalized communities as we have for the past 21 years.