Comics Fest


Bluestockings is proud to announce the first annual Queer & Trans Comic Festival, right here at Bluestockings Bookstore! The Queer & Trans Comic Festival is an event started by members of the Bluestockings collective after growing increasingly frustrated with the inaccessibility and exclusionary nature of many larger comic conventions. And in accordance with the bookstore’s mission to distribute resources and the stories of marginalized people, we hope that this event will reflect the community first attitude we have with all of our Bluestockings programming.

Simply put, this event is made by activists to serve both comic fans and artists who often feel excluded or slighted by more traditional convention experiences.

Apply to be a vendor with us!

So, how does it work?

Instead of having a convention experience that is concentrated into two or three days, the Bluestockings Comic Festival is going to take place from Friday, August 8th to Friday, August 16th. Since Bluestockings is not an especially large space (and also a bookstore to pay rent), so it made sense for us to split up the events where we can have blocks of 4-8 artists/creators during the day (depending on full/half table usage) and have comic-based programming in the evening. Our kickoff event for August 8th is going to be a big artist alley that takes up the entire store, followed by a week’s worth of comics discussions and workshops open to the larger Bluestockings community! Each artist alley block is going to run from 12 to 6 PM, so if you can’t make it to the first day, there’s still so much to do, so much to see.

And because we’re not renting out extra space outside of our usual storefront, we’re not beholden to costs that other conventions might need to keep their events going. At most, we’re charging $60 to vend at Bluestockings Comic Festival but we have a sliding scale rate going so that anyone who especially needs to get their work out there can still work with us from where they’re at. If you do decide to table for multiple days, we’d ask for a $10 donation to help support the space but only if it’s within your means. No application fees, nothing extra, just the one payment for your table space. Our application process is going to be open until June 1st at 12 PM, and we’re going to try our best to respond to applications before then as well so you don’t have to wait that long!

Here’s a full layout of our current sliding scale pricing:

  • $60 being the max price for a full table
  • $45 for a half table, or if you need to pay less for a full table
  • $30 if you need to pay less for a full or half table

Or if you don’t think you can pay for a table right now, that’s okay too! We still want to accommodate as many folx as we can.

Just looking to attend? We’re keeping the bookstore open to browse and enjoy during the day while people are tabling, so feel free to stop in anytime.

But wait, there’s more?

On top of having a chance to put your work out at the comics fest, your vendor application also comes with the opportunity to have your work sold on consignment with us at Bluestockings Bookstore! Assuming your work doesn’t go against our safer spaces policy (which if your application is accepted, it definitely is), we want to support artists throughout the year by selling your work. Take a look at our consignment contract if you have any questions, or email us at!

And if you have any more questions about the event as a whole/if we missed anything, please email us at! We hope to see you in August!