Vendor Schedule

We have some amazing artists joining us for Bluestockings Queer + Trans Comics Fest this year! Check out our packed schedule, so you don’t miss any of your favorite creators.

Bluestockings Comics Fest runs from 12 PM – 6 PM from August 9th – 16th, with a larger kick-off party from 7 – 10 PM on August 8th! Take a look at who’s going to be there!

Thursday, August 8th
(7 - 10 PM)
Friday, August 9thSaturday, August 10thSunday, August 11thMonday, August 12thTuesday, August 13thWednesday, August 14thThursday, August 15thFriday, August 16th
Diego SDiego SDiego SCathy G. JohnsonCathy G. JohnsonHazel NewlevantJ.R. ZuckerbergStefani VlushaJ.R. Zuckerberg
Tee KunduTee KunduEmma JayneCzap BooksCzap BooksNiv SekarMady G.Kat CrowMady G.
D Wang ZhaoD Wang ZhaoD Wang ZhaoHatchcomicCarmen PizarroCarmen PizarroMiranda SchneiderMiranda SchneiderArchie Bongiovanni
Emma JayneEmma JayneLiam DonnellyLiam DonnellyRavi TeixeiraRavi TeixeiraIzzy Boyce-BlanchardIzzy Boyce-BlanchardSAINT VAGRANT
Hazel NewlevantFyodor PavlovHazel NewlevantFyodor PavlovKaylee RowenaVeronica AgarwalautwineautwineAnka
Quinn MiltonVeronica AgarwalQuinn MiltonmichiJaime A. MosqueraKaylee Rowena
SkimlinesSkimlinesmichiIo AscariumSkimlinesSunmi
Olive Rae BrinkerOlive Rae BrinkerIo AscariumMar Julia
Io Ascariumautwinee remus jackson
KJ MartinetKate Sheridan
Ashley Caswell
Jaime A. Mosquera
Niv Sekar
Mar Julia
Kat Crow
Ravi Teixeira
Veronica Agarwal
Miranda Schneider
Izzy Boyce-Blanchard
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Ashley Caldwell

I am a full time book designer and a freelance illustrator/comic artist. My illustration work is very detailed and dedicated – one of my more popular prints features fifty knight helmets, another shows all the bugs you can catch in Animal Crossing. My comic work has a range including goofy concept exploration, autobiography, and historical nonfiction.

Ashley is tabling on Thursday, August 8th.

Tee Kundu

Tee is an illustrator, artist and cultural producer. Interested in community, care, vulnerability and friendship, they use play and humor to subvert collective narratives. On occasion, they curate community events like workshops and dance parties. A queer immigrant of colour, they are committed to finding and creating space for QTIBPOC folks. Currently working on the Chronic Heartbreak Manifesto + a smattering of zines/comics on the side. (They/Them)

Tee is tabling on August 8th and August 9th.


I’m a Korean American immigrant woman, and I write and draw You Were Always By Me on webtoons, a love triangle between three women. I like to create comics that I wish my peers had in America the way my peers had in Korea.

Skimlines is tabling on August 8th, 9th and 14th.

Diego S.

I’m a queer comic artist and illustrator. I make a self-published comic series titled Soft along with illustrations related mostly to my comic series.

Diego is tabling on August 8th, 9th and 10th.

Veronica Agarwal

Hi there! I’m Veronica, a cartoonist/illustrator. I love sunflowers, summertime & dogs! I make stories about friendship, finding yourself, and magic.

Veronica is tabling on August 9th and 13th.

Fyodor Pavlov

Russian émigré and longtime New Yorker, Fyodor Pavlov creates art that brings new life to the past for contemporary audiences. Maintaining a strong portfolio focused on motifs of history and queer sexuality, his experience in the artistic community spans international and domestic commercial and private commissions, comics, and polished personal works. Working primarily through the medium of watercolor and ink, the stylistic artistry of Pavlov’s illustration places a distinct emphasis on detail when addressing subjects spanning from the Edwardian Era and the Jazz Age to muses of our current day.

Together with his creative partner and spouse Lewd Alfred Douglas, Pavlov produces and co-directs the flagship branch of Dr. Sketchy’s in New York. The two of them also throw costume parties, run a house of ill repute, and have a very spoiled cat.

Fyodor is tabling on August 9th and 11th.

Quinn Milton

Quinn Milton is a multidisciplinary artist working in painting, writing, comics and games. Their work features queerness, dreams, mistranslations, phantoms, exoskeletons, makeup, alchemy, children’s art, utopias, trash, and monsters.

Quinn is tabling on August 8th and 10th, and hosting the workshop How You Can Make a Zine! on Sunday, August 11th.

Hazel Newlevant

I’m a self-publishing cartoonist and comics anthology editor. My books include If This Be Sin (biographical comics about queer musicians), Sugar Town (autobio comic about queer poly dating), Chainmail Bikini (anthology of comics about gaming by people of marginalized genders), and Comics for Choice (anthology of comics about abortion).

Hazel is tabling on August 8th, 10th and 13th, and hosting About Autobio Comics on Tuesday, August 13th.

Liam Donnelly

Liam Donnelly is a cartoonist, graphic designer, and Sad Gay Boy™ based in Queens. While he’s created comics on a variety of topics, he most frequently tells slice-of-life stories about queer dating. His comics have been published in 24 Panels, Lilies, Vagabond Comics, and DRØME, and he has done illustration and graphic design work for such notable brands as Converse and The Phluid Project. He likes roller derby, Courtney Love, and frequently changing his hair.

Liam is tabling on August 10th and 11th.

Ravi Teixeira

I’m Ravi, and I make comics and illustrations! I’m Cape Verdean American, trans and gay, and most of my work centers on issues of race, LGBT, and class, but lately I’ve been really into “ecosocialist” work, that is, ecological work that stems from socialist practices. Overall, I like to tell stories that stir radical thought, from “go to a protest” to “go read theory” to “go visit your local national Park”.

Ravi is tabling on August 8th, 12th and 13th.

Kaylee Rowena

I’m a lesbian comic artist & illustrator with a focus on ghost stories, modern folklore, & LGBT history! I enjoy drawing ladies with swords and making risograph zines.

Kaylee is tabling on August 8th, 12th and 16th.

Mehr Sharma/autwine

Hi! My name is Mehr, also known as Autwine. I’m a 19 year old, brown, queer artist. I’m a bad pun enthusiast, activist, and bee lover. I make zines, comics, pins, and other funky art things. They can range from illustrations of cute girls to thoughtful, personal moments in my life, to silly doodles, and to messages of empowerment. Regardless, I hope that at least one of those will resonate with you!

Mehr is tabling on August 8th, 14th, and 15th.

J.R. Zuckerberg

J.R. Zuckerberg is a cartoonist, illustrator, and craftsperson living in Brooklyn, They grew up in the middle of the woods of New York State and have always drawn inspiration from their observations of flora and fauna. In 2017, they got their BFA in Communications Design from the Pratt Institute. Since then, they’ve created playful illustrations for children’s magazines, journal comics galore, and a number of self-published mini comics. Their most recent endeavor was co-authoring A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities with Mady G., published by Limerence Press. They fantasize about living in a house with all their friends and collaborating together on delicious meals and weird art projects.

J.R. is tabling on August 14th and 16th.

Mady G.

Mady G. is a cartoonist, illustrator, and designer who is currently based in Kingston, NY. When they aren’t drawing or reading, Mady enjoys cooking elaborate meals, bringing up amphibians/snails at every opportunity, and making exaggerated facial expressions whenever possible. They also have deep interests in 70s fashion, body horror, and the surreal/absurd. Mady has been actively freelancing for almost a decade and has received their BFA in Illustration from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY with high honors. They also are passionate about LGBT and human rights, especially the rights of transgender and gender non-conforming people.

Mady is tabling on August 14th and 16th.

Mar Julia

Mar Julia is a cartoonist & illustrator making zines and comics from Providence, RI. They like to make work based in magical realism and urban fantasy focusing on interpersonal relationships and the small ways that mundane things can turn into magic.

Mar is tabling on August 8th and 16th.


I’m an illustrator & cartoonist based in Baltimore, MD. My personal work consists mostly of zines and minicomics that explore themes of emotional distance and fantastical femininity, within a framework of LGBTQ, Asian-American, and Korean diasporic identity, mythology, and history.

Sunmi is tabling on Friday, August 16th.


Born and raised in MA, I work with my partner Seosamh (Joe) on the very trans and very gay sci-if webcomic, Superpose. We both draw, write, and design the comic together. My goals are to reflect the reality of the world with variety and detail, depicting full lives of trans/queer/gay/POC/disabled/mentally ill/fat people, specifically in long narrative comic work.

Anka is tabling on Friday, August 16th.

KJ Martinet

I make comics and video games. I also do silk screen printing and animation. Part of the comics crew Collective Stench and one half of the game studio Sisyphus.Rocks.

KJ is tabling on Thursday, August 8th.

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Olive Rae Brinker

Hi, I’m Olive Brinker! I’m the creator of Rae the Doe, a gag-a-day webcomic about a trans lesbian deer named Rae.

Olive is tabling on August 8th, August 9th and will be featured on Why Webcomics are Important! on Friday, August 9th at 7 PM.

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D Wang Zhao

I’m a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator making short-form comics about my intersecting interests in fashion, gender, and identity.

D is tabling on August 8th, 9th and 10th.

Emma Jayne

As a trans woman, putting work into the independent comics community for and by trans folks is incredibly important to me. My comics focus on queer friendships and how they evolve over time, both in a grounded way in Trans Girls Hit the Town and with a more supernatural twist in my graphic novel Dreameater. In both stories, queer folks face conflict with one another but ultimately remain united and stronger than ever.

Emma is tabling on August 8th, 9th and 10th.

Io Ascarium

I make queer anarchist propaganda while also repping my collective that publishes comics and art by LGBTQ prisoners to benefit their commissary funds.

Io is tabling on August 8th, 10th and 11th.


I’m a nonbinary autistic illustrator/merch maker and comic artist who likes to reimagine fairytales and tell stories focusing on characters that give a bit of hope through the daily slog of life and raging against the systems that keep pushing us down. Most of my art it fairytale focused and also fashion/imagery heavy, with a focus on creating artbooks, enamel pins, prints and acrylic charms.

michi is tabling on August 10th and 11th.


I enjoy making adorable but gross illustrations typically for bands and record labels! But I also love making zines by hand of various kinds.

Hatchcomic is tabling on Sunday, August 11th.

Cathy G. Johnson

Hello! I am a white, genderqueer artist and educator from Providence, RI. I use comics as a tool to promote equitable + inclusive education. I have a new middle-grade graphic novel out titled The Breakaways, which you can find at My comic narratives are about young people finding identity in an oppressive society. More about my educational practice can be found at!

Cathy is tabling on August 11th and 12th.

Kevin Czap/Czap Books

Czap Books is a micro-press based in Providence, RI dedicated to publishing comics that celebrate the poetic, the personal, and the weird. They also co-publish the art-inspired comics series Ley Lines.

Czap Books is tabling on August 11th and 12th.

Carmen Pizarro

I’m a Latinx illustrator based in New York whose work embodies strong women figures. I enjoy making zines, silkscreen prints and other small product that showcase my work.

Carmen is tabling on August 12th and 13th.

Niv Sekar

hi! indian-american artist who often works in animation, but trying to tell slightly magical or surreal stories about queer women of color, and these often end up as comics. very into fairy-tales and queering them, or stories that have to do with magic and the mundane.

Niv is tabling on August 8th and 13th.

Jaime A. Mosquera

I am an illustrator and comic artist who focuses on supernatural, fantasy, and LGBTQ+ stories, usually all combined. I have been featured on Videodame and in the Dead Singers Society anthology and am currently working on my webcomic “Faces in the Rings”.

Jaime is tabling on August 8th and 14th.

Izzy Boyce-Blanchard

I’m a transgender and non binary cartoonist and I make comics for people of all ages. I am especially interested in making comics with LGBT themes that are for kids and young adults.

Izzy is tabling on August 14th and 15th.

Miranda Schneider

I’m Miranda Schneider! I’m an animator, designer, story boarder, 3D artist, freelancer and many more, currently working and studying in New York City! I love animals so very much and I’m known for art that is both colorful and crazy.

Miranda is tabling on August 14th and 15th.

Kat Crow

I create zines, comics, and an oracle deck called The Tarot of the Inner Mask Oracle. Creator of the webcomics “Electricity Is Her Element,” “The Lion and the Roc,” and “KerBop the Angel.”

Kat Crow is tabling on August 8th, and 15th.

Stefani Vlusha

I’m Stefani, an illustrator currently residing in Baltimore. My work solely features LGBT characters in narratives of the occult, romance and sometimes space! I really enjoy exploring the dynamics of art language vs experience and how it differs with every viewer; making my work range from heavy details to limited shapes.

Stefani is tabling on Thursday, August 15th.

e remus jackson

i’m a genderqueer cartoonist & phd student, studying zines/comics and community dynamics. my personal work is largely about gender & embodiment, and miscommunications/misinterpretations & how that affects intimacy/relationships.

e is tabling on Friday, August 16th.

Photo not available

Archie Bongiovanni

Archie Bongiovanni is a queer cartoonist, artist, and sex educator. Their new graphic novel, A Quick And Easy Guide To They/Them Pronouns (Limerence/Oni Press 2018) has been praised by Teen Vogue, School Library Journal, and one of Powell’s books of the month. They draw monthly comics for Autostraddle (a queer feminist website). Their next graphic novel, Grease Bats, will be out with Boom! Studios September 2019.

Archie is tabling on Friday, June 16th, and is hosting A Night With Archie Bongiovanni on Friday, June 16th at 7 PM


a browser-based boyfriend machine running on windows 95. co-creator of SUPERPOSE, a queer transmedia scifi about black holes and love.

SAINT VAGRANT is tabling on Friday, August 16th.

Kate Sheridan

Kate Sheridan (she/they) is a fantasy illustrator, comic artist, and writer currently living in Louisville, Kentucky. She loves Dungeons & Dragons, character design, pink, and messy, messy characters.

Kate Sheridan is tabling on Friday, August 16th.