All Day All Week: An Occupy Wall Street Story Screening

In 2011, there were occupations of squares happening all across the globe. People were rising up in response to the global financial crisis and for real democracy. It was a moment of upheaval when anything seemed possible.

In this context, on September 17th, 2011, a two-month encampment of Zuccotti Park, renamed Liberty Plaza, began in the financial district of NYC. Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was an autonomous zone of activity with general assemblies engaging in directly democratic processes and working groups self-organizing to meet basic needs. It was a liberated space.

The non-fiction feature film, All Day All Week: An Occupy Wall Street Story, tells the story of OWS from the perspective of those who lived it. Filmed by and in conversation with participants, the film offers a glimpse inside the daily life of occupation as well as reflections on the experience.

Participant Bio:
Marisa Holmes is a Brooklyn based organizer and documentary filmmaker. Over the course of the last decade she has been involved in the anti-war, student, labor, and squares movements. She has contributed work to Al Jazeera and PBS. She is the producer, director, and editor of the feature film All Day All Week: An Occupy Wall Street Story.