Antifa Discussion Series: Antifa and Rojava

This meeting’s topic will center around the current struggle in Rojava, a region in Western Kurdistan that is currently recreating its society on Anarcho-Feminist and Ecological principles, while fending off the constant threats of ISIS and the Turkish state. Is the current resistance in Rojava a form of Anti-Facist action? Join us for a discussion on this question

From an intersectional lens, the Antifa Discussion Series is a regularly-meeting group that focuses on discussing the purpose, history, theory, and application of Anti-Facist action. Each meeting will center around a theme, ranging from Antifa and Feminism, to Antifa and The Civil Rights Movement, to Antifa and Queer/Trans Activism, and much more! We are a non-cumulative “101” course, meaning that you do not have to know much about the topic to attend, and that you do not need to attend all the meetings to be a part of the group. We try to promote a bottom-up approach to understanding (meaning that if you feel like you know a lot about Antifa, but want to be a part of this group, we ask that you make space for those who are trying to come into an understanding of the topic. This is meant to foster a culture of curiosity, as well as avoid any sort of antifashplaining).

This event has a Google Hangouts video call.