Behind the Sun, Above the Moon Anthology Launch

Come celebrate the book launch for the anthology Behind the Sun Above the Moon, a short story collection by nonbinary authors featuring SFF stories with a brief reading hosted by contributing authors Emmett Nahil and Sara Codair. Behind the Sun, Above the Moon centers trans and non-binary Own Voices writers, which enables them to imagine alternative futures and create fabulist worlds for themselves. 

Emmett Nahil (he/him) is a queer writer, artist, and game producer working on the indie game Love Shore (2021). He’s interested in intersectional activism, diverse representation for other queer Middle Easterners, and bringing more nuanced work to all kinds of weird literature. He has been known to favor horror, sci-fi, urban/modern fantasy, and trans-inclusive speculative fiction. Follow him on twitter, @_emmays. 

Sara Codair is the author over fifty short stories, which are packed with action, adventure, magic, and the bizarre. They partially owe their success to their faithful feline writing partner, Goose the Meowditor-In-Chief, who likes to “edit” their work by deleting entire pages. Sara’s debut novel, Power Surge, was published by NineStar Press on Oct. 1, 2018 and the sequel will be out sometime in 2020. Find Sara online at or @shatteredsmooth.