Big Pink Meat Book Launch

Set on a fabulist’s map of America, Big Pink Meat is a comic dystopian tale of a teen transboy who gets his start in life working the graveyard shift in a Danish ham factory. Stone, the eponymous “pink meat” is determined to get to college as all costs in order to escape his abusive alcoholic mother. When his plans are thwarted, the comedy turns black.

Trigger Warnings: This book has content of sexual violence, drug use and domestic violence.

JZ Bich is a radical, heathenish, polymorphous bender of everything that claims to be real. In their world everything is hyperreal and nothing is real at all. Erupted from the Balkans and landed in NYC to become one of its night creatures, they have been performing here, as well as nationally and internationally, for longer than you need to know. Jz also directs, acts, and writes so follow them online to learn more.

Terence Diamond Irish and transmasculine; a playwright, arts critic, and storyteller, Terence is the author of many trans-themed plays, short fiction, and this full-length work of experimental narrative, Big Pink Meat. An excerpt, Tomboy of the Western World was anthologized in Topside Press’ 2012 Lambda Award winning The Collection: Short Fiction From The Transgender Vanguard. His play, Hans My Hermaphroditic Hedgehog premiered at the WOW Café Theater, October 2016. Learn more about his writing at