Bluestockings Comics Festival, Opening Night!

Bluestockings is proud to host the first annual Queer & Trans Comic Festival, right here at Bluestockings Bookstore! The Queer & Trans Comic Festival is an event started by members of the Bluestockings collective after growing increasingly frustrated with the inaccessibility and exclusionary nature of many larger comic conventions. And in accordance with the bookstore’s mission to distribute resources and the stories of marginalized people, we hope that this event will reflect the community first attitude we have with all of our Bluestockings programming. Instead of having a convention experience that is concentrated into two or three days, the Bluestockings Comic Festival is going to take place from Thursday, August 8th to Friday, August 16th.

Tonight’s vendors are:
Diego S (
Emma Jayne (
D Wang Zhao (
Hazel Newlevant (
Olive Rae Brinker (
Veronica Agarwal (
Io Ascarium (
KJ Martinet (
Ravi Teixeira (
Quinn Milton (
Skimlines (
Tee Kundu (
Mar Julia (
niv sekar (
Kat Crow (
Miranda Schneider (
Izzy Boyce-Blanchard (
Jaime A. Mosquera (
autwine (
Ashley Caswell (