Ceremonial Reading of Lost Tunes To The Perfect Beat

A ceremonial reading will honor the birthday of the late Rashad “Dj Rashad” Harden on October 9th. Lost Tunes To The Perfect Beat is a dedication of love and an inspiration to reveal that true intimacy of ones soul does exist. Teckea Reshanda will share some of the most pivotal memories of Rashad and her love as soft music is played in the background.

Lost Tunes To The Perfect Beat is a memoir written as a paranormal romance.

Tina is a well diverse woman in search of love. She travels the world dating here and there but nothing ever captures her mind, body, and soul such as Jacksen. Tina hit multiple dead ends with love; depression weighs in and her career goals take up much of her time. She is gliding through life until the most unbelievable occurs. After several years living in one state, Tina moves to New York for a new job and love, but what she uncovers are lost songs from her first love. Jacksen, a music producer composed some of the most amazing tunes of Tina and his time together. He was calling out to her after almost a decade of departure in the song titled “Rollin.” Tina devastated and saddened never heard the songs while Jacksen was alive and now after two years since his death tries to come to grips with living alone without him. Jacksen loved her just as much as she, only if she known sooner.

It was Lost Tunes To The Perfect Beat!

This event has a Google Hangouts video call.
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