How to Kickstart a Comics Project

Hundreds of marginalized creators have used Kickstarter to bypass gatekeepers, find their supporters, grow their communities, and thrive as artists; all while maintaining creative autonomy. To help queer creators put their best foot forward on the platform, Kickstarter’s Comics Outreach Lead Camilla Zhang will lead a workshop and Q&A session about what goes into a great Kickstarter comics campaign. This event is part of the Bluestockings Queer + Trans Comics Fest running August 8th to 16th, find more info about all the amazing vendors and events over on

Camilla Zhang is a pansexual New York City native who is passionate about promoting empathy, diversity, and equality through great storytelling. As Kickstarter’s Comics Outreach Lead she acts as an advisor, educator, curator and advocate for the comics community that uses Kickstarter. As a creator herself, she’s been published by Top Cow and Kickstarted projects like Reading with Pictures and Crossed Genres. She has also worked for Marvel, Mad Cave, and DC Comics.