Love Around the World – A Children’s Book

Author Fleur Pierets talks about the work she and her wife Julian did as an LGBTQ artist couple. Together, they started 22, a performance piece in which they would get married in every country that legalized gay marriage. Only months after having been diagnosed with a brain tumor, Julian died after the fourth wedding in Paris. Fleur talks about the importance of “completing” 22 and how it feels to love unconditionally and losing everything that you have.

Fleur Pierets is an award-winning Belgian artist and LGBTQ+ activist whose work combines photography and performance with theory and writing in a research-based practice that questions the construction and mainstream understanding of gay identity. She is the founding editor of Et Alors?, an online magazine devoted to LGBTQ+ politics, fashion, identity, and other issues. Her book Julian has just been published by Dutch publisher Das Mag.