Nhi Chung’s Among the Boat People: A Memoir of Vietnam

Nhi (Nancy) Chung and four other women writers will read from Chung’s Among the Boat People. Here, Chung describes growing up in Saigon; life after the Communist takeover in which the Chung family, because it was Chinese, suffered persecution; Chung’s escape by boat, in which Chung lost brother, mother, and sister; and life in the U.S., working with Amerasian refugees (Vietnamese mothers and American GI fathers) who suffered discrimination and alienation in the new homeland.  

Bonny Finberg is the author of Kali’s Day and has work in The Best America Erotica, The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry and Maintenant.
Brendaliz Gurrero is a reader at many gatherings in the Bronx in poems that describe love, the difficulties of families and life in the Caribbean. 

Yuko Otomo, the author of Study & other poems on Art, Koan, and Anonymous Landscape, is a visual artist and a bilingual writer of Japanese origin. 

Carol Wiezbicki is the author of Welcome Distractions: Accessible Poems for Time-Strapped Humans and editor of Stories from the Infirmary, which deals with people handling loved ones with grave illnesses.