¡Palante! at Bluestockings

Bridging the gap between artists and organizers, ¡Palante! is a bi-monthly poetry event dedicated to highlighting and uplifting grassroots organizations in NYC. After a personal hiatus, we’re back and readier than ever! Join us for a poetry reading from our organizers, Bleu Zephra Santiago and Jackie Torres, followed by an info session on our mission and ways you can get involved.

Bleu Zephra Santiago (she/they) is a theatrical terminator: using skills as both a techie and a performer to support their art & the art of others. When Bleu takes a break from practicing self care and jumping into art with courage: Bleu is maintaining their happiness, brownness and muchness.

Jackie Torres (she/her/hers) is an Afro Boricua poet, theater maker, writer, educator, and mal’criada whose work seeks to utilize storytelling as a method for personal healing and a demand for societal accountability, transparency, and reconstruction.