Queer Anarchx Feministx

The MACC Queer AnFem study/reading group (a working group within MACC AnFem Caucus) meets at Bluestockings and The Base. The intention of this group is to create a regular group of queer-anarko-feminists, interested in meeting to read, write, and create texts and criticism about issues relevant to the anarchx-queer-feministx community. In each three month process, we will choose a topic we are interested in and study, analyze, and write in a collective creative process. The current topic is: New configurations of family: non-oppressive relationships of love and care.

This week we are reading Shulamith Firestone:
https://teoriaevolutiva.files. wordpress.com/2013/10/ firestone-shulamith-dialectic- sex-case-feminist-revolution.pdf
Chapter 1: The Dialectic of Sex