Queer Screen Printing 101

Screen printing as a fast, accessible, and inexpensive medium of political resistance. For queer folks, this has shown up through history as protest posters, t-shirts, and art prints. You’ll see how screen printing works first hand by pulling a print for yourself. Then you can customize it with provided art materials and stencils to create a message/design that represents what queerness is to you!

This event is part of an initiative called PrintResistProject, which aims to bring free screen printing events to queer and trans youth as an act of political resistance. The focus of this project is to center and amplify the voices and experiences of marginalized communities, particularly young queer and trans folks. 

Tim Cronin is a graphic designer, printmaker, and teacher living in Brooklyn. He is the founder of PrintResistProject, an initiative that facilitates screen printing and design thinking events for queer and trans youth and other marginalized communities, drawing on the history of screen printing as a fast, accessible, inexpensive medium of political resistance.