Saltar el Muro/Jumping the Wall: Mexican and Latin American Writers in New York

This series of conferences promotes contemporary literature from Mexico and Latin America, and invites both the Spanish and Anglo speaking community to talk about the current cultural and political issues in these countries. For the first event of the series, authors Luis Miguel Estrada Orozco and Huascar Robles talk about their experiences as journalists, narrating events that go from natural disasters to the world of boxing.

Elisa Corona Aguilar has published several nonfiction books related to criticism, censorship and children´s literature. She was awarded with the Jose Vasconcelos National Prize 2008 for her book Friend or Foe, and with the International Prize Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 2013, for her book El Desfile Circular (The Circular Parade), a brief history of the Ferris wheel, the Roller coaster and the carrousel.

 Luis Miguel Estrada Orozco is a writer, translator and a acholar specialized in Mexican and Latin American Literature. His doctoral dissertation explores the portrayals of the Mexican boxer in Mexican literature, reviewing paradigmatic representations in cinema, theater, and press. Other acholar explorations incluye violence in post-°©‐Revolutionary Mexican literature, masculinity in Latin America, memory, nacional identities, and transatlantic studies.

 Huascar Robles Carrasquillo is a Puerto Rican journalist. He directed the documentary “The invisible coast” on the Haitian reality and its invisibility in Puerto Rico. His articles have been published in The New York Times, San Juan Star, The Chicago Tribune and other newspapers of USA, Brazil and Italy. He is the producer of the podcast Catatonia which speaks of the hurricane María in Puerto Rico and its consequences.