SfSx Volume 1 Launch featuring Tina Horn and Carmen Maria Machado

(All of our events are currently running over Zoom. To register for this event, please RSVP here: https://withfriends.co/event/4739937/sfsx_volume_1_launch_featuring_tina_horn_and_carmen_maria_machado)

Join us for a virtual conversation between Carmen Maria Machado (author of the critically acclaimed memoir In the Dream House and the horror comic The Low, Low Woods) and Tina Horn to celebrate the release of the first paperback collection of Tina’s sci-fi sex rebel comic book series SfSx: Protection.

SfSx is the near-future story of the underground queer sex workers known as the Dirty Mind, who use their powers of bondage and intrigue to free their incarcerated friends and fight the power! The book is available to pre-order through the Bluestockings online store. 

Carmen and Tina will discuss: the differences between scripts and prose, queer fabulism in genre fiction, sexual horror, and more!

Donations from this event will benefit Ceyenne Doroshow’s black trans sex worker future fund GLITS. https://www.glitsinc.org/donations