Shapeshifters Chest Binder Fitting and Store Pop-up!

Calling all folks seeking a chest binder that fits your body and fashion sense! Shapeshifters specializes in custom-sized, hand-made binders that look rad with no size limits (or fat tax), and we’re headed to Bluestockings for a one day pop-up! Here’s your chance to get personally fitted and try out our binders for yourself, whether you’re experienced in binding, looking for your first binder, or you’re just binder-curious. All genders and sizes welcome!

Eli Coughlin-Galbraith is the original founder, co-owner, and head tailor of Shapeshifters. This all started because they just couldn’t find a binder that fit, so they decided to make one for themselves; and if they were going to make one, then why not make one that looked the way they wanted it to look? Eli’s pronouns are they/them.

Krista Coughlin-Galbraith is Eli’s wife and co-owner of Shapeshifters. She’s played various roles in the company over the years, including developing the Shapeshifters Sports Bra, acting as Shapeshifters’ plus size expert, managing the office and running the monthly newsletter. Krista’s pronouns are she/they.