So You Think You’re A Gentrifier?

Gentrifiers are said to be artists, college graduates, young professionals or owners of small businesses that cater to wealthy people. We are told to blame gentrifiers for causing displacement. This workshop will call into question such labeling and the limited and divisive political thinking behind it. We will discuss and propose a different perspective that aims to unite our community to fight the systemic cause of displacement that actually affects all of us.

Zishun Ning is a community organizer in Chinatown and the Lower East Side, and member of Youth Against Displacement. He is eager to connect young people to the broader community by creating conditions for them to learn from the people, so that they can provide leadership and perspective that speak to the interest of the community.

Caitlin Kelmar has been a member of YAD for close to three years. In that time, she has worked on press and communications during the Bowery tenants hunger strike and other actions. She has also worked with members doing street outreach to inform neighbors about how to fight the luxury developments planned for Two Bridges. Caitlin lives in the Lower East Side.