Solito, Solito Book Discussion: Stories of Youth Refugees from Central America

Join the editors and narrator for a discussion of their new book Solito, Solita (Alone,
Alone), an urgent collection of oral histories that tells—in their own
words—the story of young refugees fleeing countries in Central America and
traveling for hundreds of miles to seek safety and protection in the United States. In
an era of fear, xenophobia, and outright lies, these stories amplify the compelling
voices of migrant youth.

Gabriel is currently a UC Berkeley student who journeyed unaccompanied to the US
from Honduras when he was fifteen after surviving years of childhood sexual abuse.
Steven Mayers is a writer, oral historian, and professor at the City College of San
Francisco. He has interviewed Central American migrants for over a decade. His
master’s thesis explored ways in which fiction can challenge historical accounts of
the past, and his dissertation, analyzing the stories of Central American war
refugees, focused on the themes of identity, home, and forgiveness.

Jonathan Freedman is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author, and mentor with
more than thirty years’ experience reporting from Central America, Mexico, and the
US border. His six-year series of investigative editorials for the San Diego
Tribune was influential in the passage of the landmark 1986 US immigration
reforms that authorized 2.7 million undocumented immigrants to become
permanent legal residents.