Sun Salutations and Intentions: a Morning Flow

Join Sharyn Hahn to start your day with a morning yoga practice of Sun Salutations and a Vinyasa flow! You will experience luxurious stretching warm-ups, empowering standing poses, and energizing breath work as we align the movements with the inhales and exhales. You will feel more awake, strong, balanced, and positive as a result of this time spent on the mat. Sun Salutations and warrior poses stimulate the seratonin in your brain (the “happy hormone) and improve self-esteem! You will be ready for anything that meets you as your day unfolds.

We will listen to music and set an intention for the week at the start of each class.

$5 donation requested. Bring a yoga mat if you have one. There are some props at the store for up to 5 people. You may bring your own coffee or tea.

PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE FOR EACH WEEKLY CLASS BY EMAILING SHARYN no later than 9 PM the night before at Add Sun Salutations in the subject line.

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