Tauno Biltsted presents The Anatomist’s Tale in conversation with Mandy Keifetz

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Tauno Biltsted comes to Bluestockings to present his debut novel The Anatomist’s Tale. Born into abject poverty in the British Empire, the narrator of The Anatomist’s Tale aspires to a better life as a ship’s surgeon – until a  tyrannical captain provokes a mutiny, forcing him into a life of piracy and eventually to a tropical commune called New Madagascar. Told through a series of confessions to visitors to his prison cell, The Anatomist’s Tale is a literary adventure story that explores the origin of wage work, solidarity, gender, the human tendency to classify the natural world, and many other things. Tauno discusses the book with Mandy Keifetz, award winning author of Corrido, and Flea Circus.

Tauno Biltsted is a former cab driver, squatter, mediator and facilitator, and roustabout construction worker. Tauno brings a unique perspective to depicting the lives and struggles of people at the margins of society. His work has appeared in WW III Illustrated, Wobblies!: A Graphic History of the IWW, Rosebud Magazine, and other publications.

Mandy Keifetz is a 4th generation New Yorker and a finishing school dropout who studies Homeric Greek when she has money to spare. Mandy is the author or Corrido, and Flea Circus, and her work has been published in The Massachusetts Review, The Brooklyn Rail, Vogue, Devouring the Green, and many other publications and zines too numerous to count.