Widdershins: The RPG, Percival and Persephone’s Birthday Bash

Please be advised that all our events are currently running over Zoom. To register for this event and get access to the Zoom link, please RSVP here: https://withfriends.co/event/5155110/widdershins_the_rpg_percival_and_persephones_birthday_bash)

We’re counting down the final hours of our Widdershins: the Roleplaying Game Kickstarter campaign by celebrating some very special birthdays. Join game designers Sarah Kennedy, Shane A. M. Matheson, and Tytiana Browne, as well as special guest Jordan L. Hawk—author and creator of the Whyborne and Griffin series. We’ll talk about queering up Lovecraft, the importance of found families, the connections between human power and eldritch horrors, and how to thwart the apocalypse.

Sarah Kennedy (she/her) – Head Designer: Sarah is a game designer from Indianapolis, IN. She has worked in the tabletop gaming industry for almost 18 years, and has worked for numerous companies including Gallant Knight Games, Third Eye Games, Onyx Path, and Modiphius Entertainment. She has been a writer on games such as the Myth Journeyman board game, Star Trek Adventures, and the Infinity Tabletop RPG.  When not designing games she is helping usually gardening in her backyard or exploring Indiana’s forests.  

Shane A. M. Matheson (he/him) – Line Developer: Shane worked as the co-owner of a small press Tabletop RPG press from 2011-2017, but left for new horizons after coming out as transgender. He is the art director and producer behind the ENnie nominated games Phantasm 2010 and Singularity System: Epic Space Battles, as well as the successfully-kickstarted Psionics: The Next Stage in Human Evolution. Shane is a producer, publisher, singer/songwriter, and writer, living a cottagecore life with his husband and two animal friends.  

Tytiana Browne (she/her) – Designer: In addition to being the head of LibOmni’s traditional publishing branch, Tytiana is a writer and Larper from Brooklyn, NY. She has worked on the City of Seven Seraphs supplement for Paizo (#ZeianEmpire). Tytiana is the COO of GVR inc., Library of the Omniverse Press’ parent company, where she oversees and coordinates all of the most important details, and willingly accepts her calling as the Avatar of Logistics.  

Jordan L. Hawk (he/him) – Creator, Widdershins Fictional Universe: Jordan is the author of over fifty novels and short stories. He is best known for his queer romance series Whyborne & Griffin. Other works include Hexbreaker, which won a 2016 Rainbow Award, and the long-running SPECTR series. Jordan currently lives in North Carolina, where he spends his time writing and enjoying nature. (Find him at www.jordanlhawk.com.)