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We host events nearly every night. Bluestockings’ events are wheelchair accessible and have seating available for attendees.

Friday | July 31 | 7 pm
Ritual Abjects
Columbia, SC-based Ritual Abjects is a postmodern witchcraft collective performing anti-imperialist rituals with noise, ghostly + glitched projections, Dada-inspired performance art, and a modified version of chaos magic (with a focus on Grant Morrison’s “hypersigil” concept involving imbuing stories with witchcraft). We’re a rotating cast of a dozen or so, performing as anywhere from one to almost all of us at music venues, movie theaters, classrooms, living rooms, and anywhere the Goddesses take us.

Saturday | August 1 | 7 pm
Support Group for the End of World
The mountain of mainstream scientific evidence indicating the world has entered its sixth great extinction event continues to grow. The more we learn about the Anthropocene, the geologic era created by human industrial activity, the more probable it seems homo-sapiens sapiens, the wise, wise ape, will not be escaping unaffected. To belong to such a time is to feel bastardized by fate. It is a basic human psychological need to have hope in a better future, and people living today – in particular young people living today –  are having a hard time finding legitimate reasons to put any kind of faith in tomorrow. This group is not intended to discourage action on the issue or to inspire despair, but instead to offer support for people who are carrying the weight of worry around with them on a daily basis.

Sunday | August 2 | 2 pm
Feminist Book Club
The Feminist Book Club reads and discusses feminism. We make no claims to any particular feminist platform. We read theoretical texts, literature and primary works. All are welcome inclusive of gender, political persuasion, and familiarity. This month’s book is This Nonviolent Stuff Will Get You Killed. For more information, email

Tuesday | August 4
CANCELLED UNTIL SEPTEMBER – Kundalini Yoga with Ursula Scherrer
Kundalini Yoga will resume in September.

Tuesday | August 4 | 7 pm
War in My Town – a memoir by E.Graziani – The Horrors of WWII oppression and social injustice through a teen girl’s eyes
Author E. Graziani brings her mother’s memoirs about the oppressive Nazi regime in a small Italian town to life in a discussion about her book, War in My Town, published by Feminist Toronto press, Second Story Press.

Wednesday | August 5 | 7 pm
Bluestockings Education Project presents the Icarus Project Radical Mental Health Workshop Series: Explorations in Personal Transformation and Collective Liberation
The Icarus Project NYC is a local chapter of, a radical mental health a support network and media project by and for people who experience the world in ways that are often diagnosed as mental illness. We envision a new culture that allows the space and freedom for exploring different states of being, and recognizes that breakdown can be the entrance to breakthrough. We aim to create a language that is so vast and rich that it expresses the infinite diversity of human experiences. Our monthly workshops explore these themes through peer-based discussion, guest presentations, art, forum theater and more. For more information about this month’s event see:

Thursday | August 6 | 7pm
E//O Poetry Reading with Louis Jargow and Suzahn Ebrahimian
Come see Suzahn Ebrahimian and Louis Jargow perform a multimedia reading of E//O. This is our first book release party for our collaborative love-child of a book. E//O is a contemporary poetic retelling of the Eurydice and Orpheus myth—a memory of a memory of a memory. Our version finds itself set in a world of dark drone and black metal basement shows, and approaches Eurydice’s experience with a feminist angle. Following the classical story of love, death, and a trip to the beyond to rescue love, E//O takes on Eurydice’s underexamined perspective. What motivates her to leave the world of the living and keeps her in Hades? E//O traces our own lives as we struggle to find meaning and love in a cold dark world.

Friday | August 7 | 7pm
Info Session for GenSexNYC Workshop
GenSexNYC is an anti-oppression sexuality workshop for all gender identities. We work to build a brave, safe(r) community of participants in New York City in order to share and explore our experiences of identity. Over the course of a 13-week discussion- and activity-based workshop, participants discuss a wide range of topics: gender, sexuality and pleasure, race and ethnicity, communication and consent, class, health and ability, and others.
The workshop starts the week of September 8th through the week of December 17th. It is donation based in order for it to be accessible to all interested.
Applications are due Monday, August 17th:
Email us with questions:, @gensexnyc

Saturday | August 8 | 7pm
Rad American Women A-Z
Come join author Kate Schatz and artist Miriam Klein Stahl for the launch of their book Rad American Women A-Z, a rousing tributes to 26 women who didn’t keep their heads or voices down. Reserving ‘X’ for ‘the women whose names we don’t know,’ Schatz presents an unusually diverse gallery of activists. Along with the predictable likes of the Grimke sisters, Billie Jean King and Zora Neale Hurston, it includes Patti Smith, blacklisted musical prodigy Hazel Scott, Mexican-American journalist Jovita Idar and transgender performance artist Kate Bornstein. The author extends her definition of ‘radical’ beyond the arenas of politics and social causes to include Florence Griffith-Joyner (‘Who showed us how to run like a girl’), Rachel Carson, Temple Grandin and Dr. Virginia Apgar (developer of the Apgar Score for newborns).

Sunday | August 9 | 12:30pm
Radical Educators Meetup
Join a group of educators engaged in inquiry of critical texts for a meetup and collaborative discussion of pedagogical values and practices. We will be discussing Jonathan Kozol’s The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America. Please contact for more information.

Tuesday | August 11
CANCELLED UNTIL SEPTEMBER – Kundalini Yoga with Ursula Scherrer
Kundalini Yoga will resume in September.

Wednesday | August 12 | 7pm
The Sisters Are Alright by Tamara Winfrey-Harris
Come for a reading and book signing with Tamara Winfrey-Harris! Tamara is an acclaimed journalist and the author of The Sisters Are Alright, a new book that replaces the harmful stereotypes directed against black women with the hopeful, complex reality of how they actually live. What’s wrong with black women? Not a damned thing.

Thursday | August 13 | 7pm
Sex, writing and identity: Archer Magazine USA launch 2015
Archer Magazine is a progressive, inclusive publication about sexuality, gender and identity. Launched in Melbourne in 2013, Archer has made waves in Australia and has recently arrived on US soil to share its human-focused and, at times, challenging take on the most complex of topics: sex.

Saturday | August 15 | 1pm
So you want to be writers?
With Pushkar Bajpai
This is a group for anyone interested in writing just for the love of writing. That’s it! We’ll meet once a month to read and write poetry. Bring along a book of your favorite poet and share with us poem (or poems) that makes you want to read it again and again. In the second half we’ll write a poem of our own. And discuss about your source of inspiration for the poem.

Sunday | August 16 | 1pm
Feminist Discussion of Masculinity
The Forum for Feminist Discussion of Masculinity is a safe space to discuss the gendered expectations placed on men and boys in a patriarchal society, and how these have affected, and continue to affect, all of us. The forum is open to all, inclusive of gender and level of knowledge of the subject matter. Each month, we will discuss a theme, which will be posted in the facebook group

Sunday | August 16 | 4pm
Dyke Knitting Circle
With Ann Eugenia Volkes
Come in & knit, make new friends drink some tea, and learn a craft at a self-help and member-led group. The Dyke Knitting Circle is open to all levels of queer experience and all levels of knitting proficiency. Bring yarn and needles. Join us any third Sunday of the month!

Monday | August 17 | 7pm
Fucking, Falling in Love, and Radical Politics: Erotica as Social Struggle
With Gabby Matthews
What is the nature and social-mobilizing power of the “erotic” and what role can it play in times of popular struggle? Breakthrough erotica author Gabby Matthews (he/him/his) will discuss these issues from experience in erotica writing for Blushing Books, publisher of the zesty “spanking novels” genre.
Matthews’ historical fiction for Blushing Books, entitled The Teacher’s Strike, about a turbulent love affair between a young high school teacher and her student who navigate the unpredictable waters of a citywide labor strike. The Teacher’s Strike marks the first historical fiction of the monumental 2012 Chicago teachers strike school district of nearly half-million students and 30,000 teachers to a standstill.

Tuesday | August 18
CANCELLED UNTIL SEPTEMBER – Kundalini Yoga with Ursula Scherrer
Kundalini Yoga will resume in September.

Tuesday | August 18 | 7pm
Stories of Music & Work: A reading and discussion
With Cassie J. Sneider and Matt Dineen
Join writers Cassie J. Sneider and Matt Dineen for an exploration into the role of music in our working lives. Does music have the power to free us from the boredom and exploitation of the service industry? In what ways has the soundtrack to our job experiences made the workplace even more unbearable? Come share your own music & work stories and join the discussion!

Wednesday | August 19 | 7pm
Sober Poly Mixer
With Puck Malamud
Are you polyamorous? Curious about non-monogamy? Want to hang out with like-minded people? Come to Open Love NY’s Poly Chai! We welcome anybody who is interested or participates in consensual open relationships. Come solo or with partner(s), metamour(s), and any loved ones.

Thursday | August 20 | 7pm
Satori Screening
With Erica Schreiner
Two years in the making, Satori is a feature length movie, created entirely by video and performance artist, Erica Schreiner. Shot on a VHS camera, Erica performs before the camera while simultaneously operating the camera.
Nightly, Satori gives birth to eggs and sells them in order to make enough money to survive so she can continue to make art. Satori becomes worn out and conflicted with this act of selling part of herself and discusses this and the many aspects of being an artist with her friends: An encouraging unicorn, the all-knowing goddess, Isis, and a very disagreeable Beta fish. Together they help Satori find a way into the Universe where she goes in search of meaning and answers about her current existence as an artist.

Tuesday | August 25
CANCELLED UNTIL SEPTEMBER – Kundalini Yoga with Ursula Scherrer
Kundalini Yoga will resume in September.

Tuesday | August 25 | 7pm
Women’s / Trans’ Poetry Jam & Open Mike
With Vittoria Repetto
Hosted by Vittoria Repetto—the hardest working guinea butch dyke poet on the Lower East Side—the jam has showcased the famous, the infamous, the unknown for over a decade. Come out and deliver (up to) 8 minutes of your poetry, prose, songs and spoken word. Visit for more information.

Friday | August 28 | 7pm
AXW has promoted and screened women’s (and some men’s), short, experimental films since 2010 in NYC. Many of these works feature underrepresented themes and issues distinct to women and girls. This screening will stream on
For full info see: and sign our mailing list, to receive upcoming information.
SCREENING FILMMAKERS: Shirin Mozaffari; Rita Piffer; Ana Rodríguez León; Karissa Hahn Laura Hyunjhee Kim; Linda Fenstermaker; Negin Sharifzadeh; Cinzia Sarto; Su Freiderick

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