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We host events nearly every night. Bluestockings’ events are wheelchair accessible and have seating available for attendees.

Tuesday | June 16 | 7 PM
$pread: The Best of the Magazine that Illuminated the Sex Industry Summer Launch
With Rachel Aimee, Eliyanna Kaiser, and Audacia Ray
When award-winning magazine $pread—the first US magazine by, for, and about sex workers and their allies—closed its doors in 2011, it left an array of sex worker-generated advocacy in its wake. Now, for the first time, the Feminist Press is bringing these voices back to life with the book $pread: The Best of a Magazine that Illuminated the Sex Industry and Started a Media Revolution.  Join Feminist Press and the editors of $pread for a LGBTQ pride celebration and book party.

Wednesday | June 17 | 7 PM
Another Experiment By Women Film Festival
With Lili White
(AXW for short) screens women’s (and some men’s) short, experimental films often featuring underrepresented themes and issues distinct to women and girls. This screening will stream on
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SCREENING FILMMAKERS: Sara Bonaventura (ITALY), Kimberly Burleigh (USA), Rebecca Arndt (USA), Rebecca Ruige Xu (USA), Tabita Rezaire (MOZAMBIQUE), Kristin Reeves (USA), Leslie Wilson (USA), Júlia Portella & Melina Schleder (BRAZIL), Beth Portnoy (USA).

Thursday | June 18 | 7 PM
The Hunting Ground – Film Screening
One in five women in college are sexually assaulted, yet only a fraction of these crimes are reported, and even fewer result in punishment for the perpetrators. The Hunting Ground is a startling exposé of sexual assault on college campuses, institutional cover-ups, and the devastating toll on victims and their families. This documentary film was produced by the team behind The Invisible War, the groundbreaking investigation into the epidemic of rape in the U.S. military.

Friday | June 19 | 7 pm
Femme Mixer

Lez counter the macho bullshit of corporate pride! join us for a femme-centered, sober gathering at bluestockings! There will be a potluck, open mic, and karaoke. Bring: friends! potluck food! poetry / guitars / art in the works! board games! clothing to swap! don’t bring: alcohol! Invite friends / lovers — this is an open space for people of all genders, but we want to highlight the beauty that is queer femmes during this particular event.

Saturday | June 20 | 7 PM
WOMAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA Second Annual Screening
With Joy Schaefer, Sofia Varino, Patricia Silva, Maya Suess, and Gina Carducci
Woman with a Movie Camera is a platform for women working in film and video, including mainstream, independent and experimental filmmakers. We are committed to increasing the visibility of women working in film and video, improving funding and working conditions, and increasing women’s access to film/video equipment, training and education. The theme for our second annual NYC screening is “Feminist Film Genealogies: Intergenerational Dialogues,” with many filmmakers in attendance and a post-screening Q&A.

Sunday | June 21 | 1 PM
Feminist Discussion of Masculinity: Masculinity and Pop Culture
With Sarah Milner-Barry
The Forum for Feminist Discussion of Masculinity is a safe space to discuss the gendered expectations placed on men and boys in a patriarchal society, and how these have affected, and continue to affect, all of us. The forum is open to all, inclusive of gender and level of knowledge of the subject matter. Each month, we will discuss a theme, which will be posted in the facebook group

Sunday | June 21 | 4 PM
Dyke Knitting Circle
Hosted by Ann Eugenia Volkes
Come in & knit, make new friends drink some tea, and learn a craft at a self-help and member-led group. The Dyke Knitting Circle is open to all levels of queer experience and all levels of knitting proficiency. Bring yarn and needles. Join us any third Sunday of the month!

Monday | June 22 | 7 PM
NYC Dyke March Marshal Training
“The 23rd Annual NYC Dyke March is on Saturday, June 27th!
Marshals keep the march going, help marchers stay safe and informed, block traffic, have fun, meet other dykes, and get an official Dyke March T-shirt for FREE! Join us at bluestockings for your marshal training!”

Tuesday | June 23 | 9:30 AM
Kundalini Yoga with Ursula Scherrer
Kundalini Yoga is also called the Yoga of Awareness. It combines the physical practice of Asanas with Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation/Chanting – it targets the whole body system (nervous system, glands, mental faculties, chakras) to develop awareness and consciousness, strength and flexibility. Everybody is welcome, no previous knowledge of Yoga is necessary. Please bring a Yoga mat and possibly a blanket and a shawl. For more information please contact Ursula Scherrer at

Tuesday | June 23 | 7 PM
No-one Leaves Unmoved
With Amber Dawn, Charles Theonia, Lilith Latini & Kay Ulanday Barrett
Arsenal Pulp Press and Topside Press present an evening of queer poetry featuring Amber Dawn, Charles Theonia & Lilith Latini, and Kay Ulanday Barrett. Come witness the latest, greatest, deftest, funniest, sharpest, prettiest poetry from two of North America’s most excellent queer independent publishers. No-one leaves unmoved, we guarantee it. Also maybe there will be beer.

Wednesday | June 24 | 7 PM
The Conversation: Transcendence & The Simple Truth Method to Meditation
With Jeff Cannon
Join us, as Jeff Cannon reads from his latest book and teaches you how to weave traditional meditation techniques into a wonderful tapestry he calls modern meditation. He delivers a richer, deeper meditation practice that works for you, and with you to help you quiet your mind, remove the distractions, and set yourself on a path to transcendence. His is a practice created for the noise of the 21st Century world you live in.

Friday | June 26 | 7 PM
The Birth of Kid
With Doreen Perrine
Kid is the story of a mother who is forced in the wake of the Save Our Children campaign of the 1970s to kidnap her own daughter. Championed by her gutsy community, Lor embraces her identity as a lesbian, a budding photographer, and her right to motherhood. Celebrate Pride Week on the eve before the Dyke March as author and artist Doreen Perrine reads and shares her writing process for her latest novel, inspired by true stories of the custody battles of heroic women.

Saturday | June 27 | 2 PM
Everyone Is Gay + Autostraddle All Ages Pride Party
Everyone Is Gay and Autostraddle are teaming up to bring you the second annual all-ages Pride Party at Bluestockings! Live music, delicious snacks, and so many high-fives all in the very best feminist bookstore NYC has to offer, and all timed so you can still scamper uptown for the Dyke March! WHAT A DAY.

Monday | June 29 | 7 PM
Psychiatry and the Business of Madness: An Ethical and Epistemological Accounting
With Bonnie Burstow
This event is the American launch of Psychiatry and the Business of Madness—a bold abolitionist book which refutes psychiatry’s tenets, traces the workings of the industry,  concludes that psychiatry is irredeemable, and culminates in suggestions for social transformation.  Renowned speakers Burstow, Breggin, and Tenney will discuss the book and psychiatry overall.  There will be a question-and-answer period with the author. The evening will culminate with an open mic and everyone invited to speak.

Tuesday| June 30
Kundalini Yoga with Ursula Scherrer (ON SUMMER BREAK THRU AUG)
Kundalini Yoga will resume in September.

Tuesday | June 30 | 7 PM
Women’s / Trans’ Poetry Jam & Open Mike
Hosted by Vittoria Repetto—the hardest working guinea butch dyke poet on the Lower East Side—the jam has showcased the famous, the infamous, the unknown for over a decade. Come out and deliver (up to) 8 minutes of your poetry, prose, songs and spoken word. Visit for more information.

Wednesday | July 1 | 7 PM
Bluestockings Education Project presents the Icarus Project Radical Mental Health Series
Mad Maps are documents that we create for ourselves as reminders of our goals, what is important to us, our personal signs of struggle and our strategies for self-determined well-being. Though originally inspired by the idea of Advanced Directives (legal documents to share with doctors and friends in the event of being hospitalized), over time this idea has evolved further to include a transformative element: how do we move beyond adapting and coping, toward actually changing the world that we live in? By creating documents that help us to explore our mad gifts and better understand and get through tough times, we are able to re-envision the boundaries of our individual and collective potential.

Thursday | July 2 | 7 pm
A Reading with Guillotine
With Sarah Gerard and Marisol Limon Martinez

Guillotine is a New York-based social justice press publishing nonfiction and interviews. Join us for readings from two recent Guillotine books, Sarah Gerard’s BFF, and Marisol Limon Martinez’s Honorary Men, with a screening of Lily Baldwin’s short film BFF, based on Gerard’s book.

Friday | July 3 | 7 pm
LOCAL COLOR+and Collective Liberation (Bluestockings Education Project series)

Experiencing HIV/AIDS is always ‘local’, always relative, and always our own. Some of us are positive, love those who are, know people who are — a lot of us have those who were. LOCAL COLOR+ allows writers at every level to mine the filters of our lived experience (taboos, secrets, tall tales, myths, things un/said, what your mama did/n’t tell you, etc.) to create fresh fiction, essay, or poetry. In this way, we might amplify the particular ‘color’ of our lived and sometimes unspeakable experience. Bring writing materials. 60-90 mins.

Saturday | July 4
Bluestockings will be closed

Monday | July 6 | 7 pm
Poor People the Play and Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop
With Irene Kapustina, Lavinia Roberts, and Heidi Chua
Poor People is an adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel Poor Folk, written for the stage by Lavinia Roberts and directed by Irene Kapustina. This full-length is part of the New York City International Fringe Festival 2015. Irene and Lavinia will discuss the work, read excerpts from the play, answer a Q&A, and do Theatre of the Oppressed activities around the social justice themes of the novel, to explore contemporary issues, such as workers rights and poverty.

Tuesday| July 7
CANCELLED – Kundalini Yoga with Ursula Scherrer (ON SUMMER BREAK THRU AUG)
Kundalini Yoga will resume in September.

Tuesday | July 7 | 7 pm
The LDR Project: Meet & Greet
The Long Distance Relationship Project is a multimedia collaborative project about the experiences of First & Second generation African folx. This is an opportunity to meet other dope African folx or folx whose folx are African. Invite your friends. Invite your cousins (even better if you haven’t met them before). Let’s get together, meet each other, talk, and undoubtedly, laugh. This LDR Project is supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation Idea Fund & The Wesleyan University Black Alumni Prize.

Wednesday| July 8 | 7 pm
Bluestockings Community Forum

Bluestockings Bookstore & Activist Center is thrilled to announce the signing of a new, five year lease on our storefront at 172 Allen Street! As New York City continues to gentrify rapidly, Bluestockings is as committed as ever to keeping feminist spaces in Manhattan and serving our community. Our new lease entails significant rent increases that – while manageable – will require increased community support. We are hosting this open meeting to discuss what these changes mean for our space, and to brainstorm ways to continue to sustain ourselves and uphold our mission.

Thank you for believing in our mission and supporting our community center. To another five years of Bluestockings!

Thursday| July 9 | 7 pm
Envisioning NYC without Sexual Violence

Project ENVISION is a coalition of people gathering with the intention of collaborating on innovative prevention efforts to realize a NYC without sexual violence. This is an information session for all of us to learn more about each other and to get involved in our monthly coalition to facilitate change in everything related to sexual violence including racialized gender roles and expectations, street harassment, healthy relationship dialogue, youth outreach, and so much more. Please join us in our vision to create safer communities and community expectations!

Friday| July 10 | 7 pm
Sisters in the Army of Almost: Readings from Winter Tangerine
With Shira Erlichman, Claudia Cortese, Sarah Ghosal, Shinji Moon, Kristin Chang,
Purvi Shah, and Stella Vinitchi Radulescu
Winter Tangerine is excited to present “Sisters in the Army of Almost”, a reading featuring contributors from their online spotlights, Fragments of Persephone, Shedding Skins, and their fourth published volume. Readers will perform pieces that explore the relationship between mythical, accepted conceptions of femininity and the reality of womanhood, among other work. This event is part of Winter Tangerine’s “Poets in America” series, a series of fundraisers for the relaunch of Winter Tangerine.

Saturday | July 11 | 2 pm
So you want to be writers?

This is a group for anyone interested in writing just for the love of writing. That’s it! We’ll meet once a month to read and write poetry. Bring along a book of your favorite poet and share with us poem (or poems) that makes you want to read it again and again. In the second half we’ll write a poem of our own. And discuss about your source of inspiration for the poem.

Saturday| July 11 | 7 pm
Inner Fire
With Cortney Charleston, Megan Falley, Leslie Anne Mcilroy & Caroline Rothstein

Four social justice oriented poets invested in truth, change and empowerment of all to fight against racism, sexism, body shaming and inequity, present a powerful, artistic, multi-faceted performance of original work to benefit Mental Fitness. The organization is dedicated to building mental fitness in youth through arts-based awareness and prevention programs, improving community connections, self-esteem and social-emotional skills, media literacy, mindfulness, body image and stress management, while nourishing body & mind. Suggested $5 donation. Reading will be followed with a brief intro/Q&A session by Mental Fitness Inc.

Sunday| July 12 | 12:30 pm
Radical Educators Meetup
Join a group of educators engaged in inquiry of critical texts for a meetup and collaborative discussion of pedagogical values and practices. Please bring an article or an excerpt to contribute. Please contact for more information.

Sunday| July 12 | 2 pm
Feminist Book Club
The Feminist Book Club reads and discusses feminism. We make no claims to any particular feminist platform. We read theoretical texts, literature and primary works. All are welcome inclusive of gender, political persuasion, and familiarity. This month’s book is Passing by Nella Larson. For more information, email

Tuesday| July 14
CANCELLED – Kundalini Yoga with Ursula Scherrer (ON SUMMER BREAK THRU AUG)
Kundalini Yoga will resume in September.

Tuesday| July 14 | 7 pm
Kate Walter Memoir Book Reading

Kate Walter’s debut memoir Looking For A Kiss is a chronicle of Downtown heartbreak and healing for its writer. After her 26 year relationship with Slim ends tumultuously, Kate finds hope in loving again at 57 and embarks on a hilarious romp through the lesbian dating
scene. It’s the queer Lower East Side Eat Pray Love.

Wednesday| July 15 | 7 pm
DUETS: Che Gossett & Alice O’Malley in conversation on Chloe Dzubilo

The second volume of DUETS, in which Che Gossett speaks with Alice O’Malley about the art, activism and life of Chloe Dzubilo, considers themes such as trans and AIDS activism, longterm surviving, and the underground performance and art scenes of New York City. We will discuss these topics as well as insights, inspirations and reactions to the engaging and highly readable DUETS conversation, and also discuss Chloe’s incisive artwork through projected images.


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