Support Us

There are many ways to support Bluestockings:

  • Buy a book (or a coffee, a notecard, or a tote bag). Bluestockings is a retail store and depends on purchases to fund the store. When you purchase a book from us instead of a large chain or online book retailer, you are helping to ensure Bluestockings continues to exist as an independent bookstore. Independent bookstores like Bluestockings provide a space to browse titiles, discuss books and help ensure small/alternative titles get published, and more.
  • Volunteer. Bluestockings is run entirely by volunteers. Volunteers work one three-hour shift per week. Stop in to the store for more information or to fill in a volunteer application.
  • Come to our events. We have free events almost every night. See our events calendar for more!
  • Donate. Donations of any size help ensure our continued existence. We pass around a donation bucket before every event, and accept donations at any time. (You will not be turned away from an event at Bluestockings for lack of money)
  • Spread the word about Bluestockings to your friends, family, and the internetz - IRL or through Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare…even MySpace.