Support Us

There are many ways to support Bluestockings:

          • Buy a book (or a coffee, a notecard, or a tote bag). Bluestockings is a retail store and depends on purchases to fund the store. When you purchase a book from us instead of a large chain or online book retailer, you are helping to ensure Bluestockings continues to exist as an independent bookstore. Independent bookstores like Bluestockings provide a space to browse titles, discuss books and help ensure small/alternative titles get published, and more.
          • Donate. We pass around a donation bucket before every event, and accept donations at any time. (You will never be turned away from an event at Bluestockings for lack of money). Donations of any size help ensure our continued existence. You can donate to our PayPal address at  You can also donate via PayPal from this page by clicking the donate button to the right. Choose whatever amount you would like to contribute.  Those who donate receive an instant cyber-hug (with your consent of course!) and the eternal gratitude of the entire Bluestockings community.
          • Come to our events. We have amazing free events at Bluestockings practically every night! See our events calendar for more info!
          • Spread the word about Bluestockings to your friends, family, and the internetz – IRL or through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (@bluestockingsnyc) , FoursquareYelp…even MySpace.
          • Volunteer. Bluestockings is run entirely by volunteers. Volunteers work one three-hour shift per week.  Volunteering is super fun, and a wonderful way to meet new awesome people, co-learn and co-teach all sorts of new things in a non-hierarchical and empowering environment.  Stop in to the store for more information or to fill out a volunteer application.