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“…Bluestockings, the Lower East Side bookstore collective that defies the peace and delusion of gentrification to draw forth veterans of the resistance, fellow travelers, youthful recruits. Whenever troublers of sleep…need to rally people to a cause, Bluestockings is the vibrant, well-trafficked space in Manhattan that welcomes them, stands for their right to congregate and imagine and act. Five workers-owners and dozens of volunteers pool their efforts to keep lights bright, coffee flowing, bookcases and front tables filled with provocations: voices of oppressed peoples, books advancing alternative interpretations, tracts filled with dangerous propositions. Here, we construct the world of our desires.

…Bookstores are powerful.”
Rebel Bookseller by Andrew Laties

“Bluestockings is another multi-faceted establishment, which hosts nightly events featuring poetry, book readings, and activist meetings. Bluestockings probably contains the most extensive collection of radical books in the city. While there are plenty of mainstream works, the majority of the store is dedicated to heterodox subjects such as radical feminism, anarchism, Marxism, queer studies, Zapatistas, and Native American studies. In addition, the Occupy Wall Street inspired art that covers the walls gives the store a rebellious vibe. There are few spots in the city where one can flip through Living My Life while contemplating a poster that states, “Resistance is Fertile.”
The Nation Institute – “Independent Bookstores in New York That Are Not the Strand”

“Staffed entirely by volunteers, this collectively owned and run bookstore specializes in feminist, queer and activist materials, in fiction, poetry, academic texts and self-published zines. Bluestockings’ fair trade cafe sells locally made bagels and pastries along with coffee drinks and offers a seating area for quiet reading or weekly events including book clubs, community-sourced lessons and a knitting circle.”

AM New York – “A guide to NYC’s remaining independent bookstores”

AND in 2019:
AM New York – “Bluestockings: a safe space for feminist literature, activism and more on the LES”

“‘Feminist bookstores are essential learning spaces for feminist movements, where everyone from emerging feminists to those who have been engaging in feminism for years can learn from the books on the shelves, as well as one another,’ Bluestockings’ Janelle Kilmer told PolicyMic.”
Mic – “These Are the Last of America’s Dying Feminist Bookstores”

“Kathryn Welsh founded Bluestockings, a collectively owned and volunteer-run bookstore and cafe, in 1999. The bookstore carries over 6,000 titles on politics, feminist theory, queer theory and liberation/resistance in addition to politically-minded children’s books.”
Paste Magazine – “The Last 13 Feminist Bookstores in the U.S. and Canada”

“Speaking of friends, if I’m sleeping over at Bluestockings, I’m gathering all of my best girl friends and having a grown-up sleepover party with all of our sleeping bags facing into a circle at the center. Except instead of truth or dare and painting our nails, we’ll chit chat as we pass around some Miranda July for a read-along, and when it gets to be late-night, we’ll peek into the pages of some of the collection of smutty fiction.”
Bustle – “The 11 Best Bookstores for Secret Sleepovers”

“Bluestockings: Not only a bookstore, Bluestockings is a center for radical activism on the Lower East Side. It houses a large selection of titles on gender studies, feminism, queer studies, and capitalism. If you’re interested in social justice, this independent bookstore and café also organizes a prison letter-writing group.”
Columbia Spectator – “Orientation 2013: Places your NSOP guide won’t take you”

“I used to think every single person on Earth knew what Bluestockings was, but then I found out I was wrong and it gutted me. If you don’t have a feminist bookstore to support in your neighborhood already, or if you live in NYC and this happens to be your feminist bookstore, get shopping and keep Bluestockings open! Do it for the children. Also, do it for the awesome experience that is walking around this planet knowing Bluestockings exists. Also, do it because we live in a world where you can order from a feminist bookstore online and finding this out has changed everything.”
Autostraddle – “Rebel Girls: 10 Queer or Otherwise Badass Indie Feminist Retailers You Should Support”

NY Times – “At Bluestockings, a Manhattan Activist Center, Radical Is Sensible”
NYU Local – “Your Friendly Neighborhood Feminist Bookstore”
The Observer – “Bluestockings: The Lower East Side’s Last Radical Bookstore”
Columbia Spectator – “Les Sans Bas Blues: The Mission Continues” (From back in 2002!)
AM New York – “Celebrate Galentine’s Day in NYC” 


Observer – “The New York Times Adds ‘Mx.’ to the Honorific Mix”
MTV “11 Times Gender Norms Got The Middle Finger in 2015”
NYU Local – “Menstruation Cups And Instagram’s Period-Phobia”


The Guardian – “Two Pussy Riot members make secretive New York appearance”
Vulture – “Portlandia’s Armisen and Brownstein Go Shopping With Vulture at a Real Feminist Bookstore”


Columbia Spectator – “All You Need is Love(s)”
Fusion – “Notes from the ‘Britney Spears 101′ feminism workshop”
Columbia Spectator – “#GrowFierce poetry reading: An empowering, creative space for women”
The Electronic Intifada – ““Mornings in Jenin” chosen as first book in Palestine-inspired reading campaign”
Salon – “Why I quit the mainstream media”

2015 Crowdfunding Campaign:

Bowery Boogie – “Bluestockings Bookstore Raises More Than $37K to Stay on LES; Renovation to Follow Next Month”
AM New York – “Feminist bookstore in East Village turns to crowdfunding for support”
DNA Info – “Bluestockings Bookstore Launches Campaign to Raise $50K for Repairs”
Bowery Boogie – “Help ‘Bluestockings Bookstore’ Stay on the Lower East Side”


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