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We are so, so happy to announce that Bluestockings Queer & Trans Comics Festival is back on July 18th, 2020! In partnership with Kickstarter, Bluestockings Comics Fest is being hosted at Kickstarter HQ, with both vendor and programming applications open today! When thinking about what we wanted to focus on for the fest this year, our three big goals were: keep it accessible, continue to open up to as many comic creators as possible, and to do our best to stay small. On all of these fronts, Bluestockings and Kickstarter were in agreement, so it only made sense for us to work together to be able to host more comic writers and artists! 

Here’s the big new things you need to know! Kickstarter and Bluestockings is free and open to the public, will not be charging a table fee, will be making space for up to 40 creators, and will be opening up separate workshop/panel applications with an opportunity for workshop leaders to get a stipend for their time and labor.

“Too often, the arts are a pay to play game. Making a living as an artist is hard enough, and when you’re exhibiting at a convention or festival, you have to hustle to make enough sales to break even on table fees, along with food, lodging, and travel costs. That’s why we decided to cover all the table fees—in total $2,000 to Bluestockings— as well as providing lunch for vendors and staff, and offering stipends to workshop leaders.” – Camilla Zhang, Comics Outreach Lead at Kickstarter

Can’t make it in person but still want to sell your comics? No problem! We’re also opening up our vendor application to give folx the opportunity to have their books sold at the Bluestockings table during the fest as well! It is still going to be an application process and will have limited availability, but we hope this gives as many people as possible a chance to get their work out there! With space for up to 40 exhibitors at this time, the festival is primarily looking to showcase queer and trans people of color, gender non-conforming folx, immigrants, low-income creators, disabled folx, intersex folx, Middle Eastern + Arab + North African creators, East + South Asian creators, indigenous creators, and marginalized creators as a whole who are excluded for one reason or another from popular narratives. 

We’ll have more to share about attendee registration as we get closer to July 18th and have our exhibitor lineup finalized but we hope you’re as excited about all this comics news as we are! We’re extremely excited. And we’ll be sharing updates as they’re available on here, on our social media, and on the Bluestockings newsletter!

Got any questions or concerns about the fest? Did we miss something? Shoot us an email at, and we’ll try to respond ASAP! We hope to see you at Bluestockings Queer and Trans Comics Fest on July 18th!