Anti-Diet Book Launch with Christy Harrison in conversation with Virginia Sole-Smith

Come join anti-diet registered dietitian and Food Psych Podcast host Christy Harrison for the launch of her first book, Anti-Diet, which calls out the oppressive system of diet culture and introduces readers to the liberatory paradigms of Health at Every Size, intuitive eating, and fat positivity. The event will include a reading and conversation with Virginia Sole-Smith (The Eating Instinct), followed by audience Q&A.

 Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, is a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, and journalist who writes about food and diet culture. She is the founder and host of Food Psych Podcast, which has helped tens of thousands of people around the world stop dieting, recover from disordered eating, and develop happier and healthier relationships with food.  Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, SELF, BuzzFeed, Refinery29, Gourmet, Slate, and many other publications.