Event Booking Inquires and Policies


Bluestockings is proud to host social justice themed events almost every night of the week. If you are interested in hosting an event in our community space, please read through the following information in detail before e-mailing the events team. When submitting an event proposal please fill out our events form (see below) and include it in the body of your email.

If you are looking to book an event: Due to the high volume of event proposals we receive, it’s best to send in your proposal 60-90 days in advance of the date you’re requesting.


* Bluestockings respectfully requests that all event presenters use “trigger warnings” before presenting emotionally triggering materials. A standard trigger warning consists of an identification of the upcoming material as potentially triggering, followed by a brief categorization of the subject matter (e.g., “trigger warning: sexual violence against women,” or “trigger warning: child abuse”). This is not intended to censor presenters or deter them from sharing explicit or potentially triggering material, but to provide fair warning to those who need it, in order to remain a safe and welcoming space.

To learn more about trigger warnings, please refer to the following article: http://libcom.org/blog/trigger-warnings-why-we-use-them-15012012

* Bluestockings hosts both afternoon discussion groups, as well as evening workshops and lectures. We reserve seating in our cafe area for afternoon events, whereas we move our bookshelves and convert the store during the evening, essentially shutting down browsing and sales for the duration of the event. If your event will presumably have 15 or less participants, we encourage you to consider hosting an afternoon discussion group rather than an evening event.

* Evening events start at 7pm and must end no later than 9:30pm.

* Bluestockings is collectively owned and volunteer powered. We subsist on a break-even model and depend upon donations and merchandise sales to pay our overhead, and keep our doors open to the community. While we can provide you with a free, comfortable space to host your event, we cannot provide you with any compensation. Bluestockings will be passing a donation jar for the store, and may list a $5 suggested donation in some publicity, but we clearly state before every event that while donations are welcome, they are completely voluntary. We will never turn anyone away or make them feel unwelcome for lack of funds, and we value everyone’s presence at events equally. It is our policy to keep events free for both presenters and participants, and open to the public. If you are looking to rent a space for a ticketed or private event please be advised that we almost never hold private or ticketed events. We would only consider doing so if we are partnering with an organization that upholds Bluestockings mission for a fundraiser, and the terms were communicated and agreed in advance of event confirmation.

* Bluestockings will sell your books, zines, DVDs, t-shirts, etc. at an agreed upon percentage of the sale. If you are holding a book related event we can order your book through the distributor or publisher. If your book is self-published, published through a distributor we don’t have an account with, or if you would just prefer to sell your books on consignment, arrangements will be made for consignment sales. We ask that you refrain from directly selling anything and from giving away items that we currently sell without prior approval. Note that if we cannot acquire your books from a distributor, we may ask to consign them from you directly at a wholesale cost.

* While Bluestockings collective members and volunteers are happy to help coordinate aspects of the event related to calendar booking, publicity and Bluestockings’ physical capacities, Bluestockings does not have the capacity to assist in event planning. Our volunteers will set up the room, and introduce the store and presenters at the beginning of the event. Bluestockings’ staff is not available to facilitate or moderate the event in progress.

* Bluestockings promotes our events calendar through our events listserv (send 2x/month, 12,000+ subscribers), website, printed events calendars, and sidewalk sandwich board. While we do not print or display posters for individual events at Bluestockings, you are welcome to drop off or mail small printed fliers to be displayed in our free promotional section. You are also welcome to send us a link to your online event/page, and we will do our best to share it on Bluestockings’ Facebook page and Twitter.

* Bluestockings has a video projector, an 8′ screen, and an iPod or computer sound hookup, mics with stands, and a music stand. We know how to work all of our equipment, but by no means are we technicians. We regularly set up one microphone. Please let us know in advance if you will need to use any of our other equipment. If you want to project from your computer you must provide your own laptop and arrive at least half an hour early.

* Also check our Safer Space Policy, which provides guidelines to help Bluestockings be a supportive and safe environment for all who participate.


If you are interested in holding an event at Bluestockings email events@bluestockings.com and include the completed events form, below, in the body of your email.

1) Proposed Event Date(s):

2) Event Title:

3) Event Description for Publicity (75-word limit):

4) How Does This Event Fit With the Bluestockings Mission (1-2 sentences):

5) Participant Bios for Introductions (75-word limit each):

6) Technical needs (see list above):

7) Organizer Contact Information (phone, email, address, social media if possible):

8) Are there other similar events (for the same book or project) happening in NYC? If so, where and when?

9) How are you planning on conducting outreach and promotion?

10) How many people do you anticipate will attend?

For Book Events:

11) Book Information (please list all books needed for all participants, including backlist):
Publication Date:
List Price:

12) Is this the book’s release event?

13) How many books do you think would be ideal for us to have on hand?